One day, I’ll be that person in the boring white lab coat (ceh perasan. grades macam taik). That’s one of the things I’m definite of. Even now, I have so many plans, so many changes I couldn’t wait to do. I feel excited just thinking about them.


But that one day is still so far that I couldn’t possibly predict it. I am continuously trying to adapt; the world changes like a ticking clock and I know I will change along with it. The me 2 years from now won’t be the same me presently no matter how hard I try not to be different.


I know that and I accept that fact yet I couldn’t help wondering; will my priorities remain the same?


When I have bills and cars and houses (berapa buah rumah you nak??) to pay for, when the time comes that I have to find my own opportunities in life, when I have to step solely into the world and create my future, will my priorities remain unchanged?


Will I want the same things I want now? Or will they be forgotten, driven away by my own needs?



Played here with my friends late at night and was thrown out by the guard. Bila Pak Guard hilang, we came back an hour later to continue playing the slides.


Do you remember when you were still a kid, how content you were with life? How happy it felt just being on the swings and laughing merrily?


We weren’t greedy back then.


Being here, constantly witnessing those who aren’t so lucky in life, it made me realised just how greedy I am. I couldn’t be like them; I couldn’t not want more in life. I could not be content with what I have. Because I know there’s so much more to be achieved. So many things I could possess that I not know of now. So many possibilities that I have yet to discover.


I don’t understand, how could people have so little and be so happy? I didn’t think these people existed before. Those who have low expectations in life, who are thankful for every little things gifted upon them and yet why are they the ones who could enjoy the world fully? 


How is that even possible?


I’m envious.