It’s already 4.15 am. Somehow, I couldn’t sleep and I’m super-duper hungry *rolling on the floor throwing a tantrum*


Haih. Let’s just wait for Subuh.


I think I miss my family. I think lah. HAHAHA.



My mum in the super-cute Japanese blouse. Haha. Sukati je bagi nama baju.




My dad shaved his hair off during umrah. I told him he looked like durian/rambutan.




Zatyfaty must must must posed in Dynasty Hotel’s rest room every single time (next time recharged your own digicam and stop using mine!)




And I always joined her. HAHAHA.




At Tony Roma’s. Argh, my face looked so chubby in comparison!!




Hani and Kak Us. Why la my maid looked so happy.




Mum made me wear jubah for doa selamat šŸ˜ Should have followed my sis to Crocodile Farm because then I got to wear a t-shirt.



Oh oh oh, one of my family members is M.I.A. in the pictures. I am boycotting Yazeed gemok because he didn’t buy me the RM 10 TELUK CEMPEDAK Malaysian Sign Languange t-shirt even after I’ve reminded him a lot of times. Siap hantar message from India lagi. His excuse was that I wouldn’t be at home until Raya and that he’d buy me one before I came home. Excuse rejected!!


I want it now, I want it now lah! Nevermind the fact I won’t be able to wear it!


Sukati la I wanna emo because of an RM 10 t-shirt. Bluek.


Baby First:




Anak jiran sebelah. Look look, her hair is almost like mine when I was small. Naik ke atas, hohoho.



Baby Second:


Come on baby, yawn. YAWN I SAID.







Baby Third:




Oh comel comel. And heavy.


I coincidentally wore the same tudung =_=


I said to my mum, “Mum, let’s adopt!”

She said, “Heh! Once you’re done playing with the baby you’d just hand him/her to Kak Us.”


But of course. Wasn’t that obvious?