As I arrived early (for once) for drum class,


“Nurisa! I was about to call you.” 




“Did you touch the drums ever since your last class?”


Flashed my 1000 megawatt smile, shook my head. Eheh.


I’ve been absent for a month (pindah rumah, balik Malaysia, overslept). It’s not my fault really. These last few weeks had been really packed. So it’s no surprise that I played like budak kecik ketuk tin Milo.


“Why are you wearing slippers? You should wear sneakers next time. It’ll be hard for you to control the foot pedals.”


I never wore flip flops to drum class but somehow yesterday I put them on without thinking. Dah la the groovy beats required both feet to control the high hats and bass drum foot pedals.  I ended up playing barefoot =_=






Now I have to find a boyfriend who’d buy me a set and then break up with him. I want Tama Imperialstar Series ok. Bronze mist metallic ok. Bronze. 



Anyway, I went out with Mimi and Qish last night. When I came home from shopping, kawan-kawan tengah berusrah in my house with kakak senior.


(Ashamed). Ehem.


But I’ve finally managed to find what I’ve been searching for! When I moved, the first thing I badly wanted to buy was…guess what?


A rattan laundry basket. Seriously. I found one at Lifestyle and it was only Rs 761 (about RM 50). The others I found were all over Rs 1000. Cheh. Kat Malaysia murah je.



My laundry basket yang comel 😀


Such a boring life that I got so excited over a mere laundry basket 😦