A friend told me he likes reading my blog because I make it my pastime to brag and complain. Cheh. Siapa terasa tercekik biji durian sekarang.


Okies, more about the new house. Tak habis-habis with the new house kan? If you’re bored of it, pergi makan roti.


I’ve newly discovered that moving into a new house is fun (apart from the cleaning and unpacking). It’s an excellent excuse to shop for new things! New furniture, new carpets, new curtains…. new everything lah. Talking like a true bimbo. Wey, I’m doing medicine ok.



Anyway, it’s an experience I’ve never experienced before.


Scene 1


Uncle Kedai: This one is 3500 rupees. That one is only 1700 rupees.

Us: Eh, both look the same. How come that one is more expensive?

Uncle Kedai: That one made in Malaysia. Very good wood. This one made in India. Not so good.

Us: Oooooooooooooo…

Uncle Kedai: You are Malaysians?

Us: Hah? No no no. We’re from Singapore. Singapore next to Malaysia.

Uncle Kedai: Oh! Singapore!

Us: Yes yes.

Uncle Kedai: This one, expensive. Wood not good. *pointing to the table made in Malaysia* This one, India. Very good!


=_=  Uncle Kedai very talam dua muka.



Scene 2


Us: What’s your best price?

Uncle Kedai: 1500 rupees

Us: But we’re buying 3 mirrors. THREE.

Uncle Kedai: 1500 rupees

Us: Can you give us 450 rupees for each piece?

Uncle Kedai: No no. This is my best price. Take it or leave it *writes 1300 rupees on the paper*


1300  = 433.33



And I thought medic students sucked the most in Maths.