Holiday is ending and it’s time to pack 🙂

I don’t feel sad lah. Holidays are nice and all but I must say, it’s time to get my butt back to India-land and work my ass off for the coming exams.

Because I only finished- well, let’s just say I didn’t manage to cover as much as I’d planned.

So what did I do during my 2-week absence of blogging?

1. I spend the first week studying shopping hard with Effa and Ctah.

2. On my 4th day, I bought my 6th pair of shoes and I had to promise Ctah I wouldn’t buy any anymore 😦


3. I spend the second week re-reading my story books (I like re-reading my books and knowing the stories by heart. That’s why I must own, not borrow.)

4. True to my words, I didn’t wash a single dish. Nor did I have to fold anything. Bwahaha.

5. I’ve consumed 6 loaves of bread so far   😀


6. When people saw me, the first thing they exclaimed was: You’re chubby!.

Stress stimulates hormones and increases our appetite. How many times do I have to say this? I read it in Reader’s Digest ok. Sheesh.

7. Needless to say, my saving currently amounts to ZERO and am now officially BROKE.

Besides the amount of studying that needs catching up, the next thing that scares me is:


This messy-badly-in-need-to-be-cleaned house 😐

I haven’t unpacked a single thing. Not even a book.

Anyone offers unpacking service?