They couldn’t possibly ask us to move out now. But of course they could. And of course they have.


Of all the time in the world, they had to choose now. Amidst the 18 anatomy drawings and physiology assignment. Amidst all the shopping and packing we’ve to do before going back to Malaysia this Friday for our 2-week holiday.


There’s only one word suitable to describe the whole thing:  Fuck.


Had they given us the notice a week earlier, I wouldn’t complain. But to receive a message about it 3 hours ago? How are we supposed to pack everything in one night?


I have at least 10 bags, 11 pairs of shoes, 20 pants, 2 sets of comforter, 5 cushions, 4 pillows, and zillions of dresses and T-shirts. And my books. The whole shelf. Who’s going to pack all those? Me of course. And I happen to LOATHE packing.


I love my house and housemates. Of course I don’t want to move. Especially on such short notice *big sigh*



Our room macam tongkang pecah




What’s that Harry Potter spell to make your things pack by themselves again?




The living room. Is a mess.




Er, the kitchen’s an exception. Couldn’t remember when it’s actually tidy 😛









I won’t be able to post anything for the next couple of days because I don’t think there’s internet at the new apartment. Have to resume packing now, urgh. Toodles until I’m already in Miri, Sarawak (yay!).


Sayonara Pratham 😐