I thought I was so great, I ended up falling flat on my butt twice. Literally.




Damn that road-turned-into-longkang!


Unlike other apartments which are situated near the main roads, the tenants of Pratham (like me) have to endure a 5-minute walk under the scorching sun before reaching the main road. That is if you used the ex-road mentioned above.


Used the other road, and your 5-minute journey became 8 minutes. When it’s 37 degrees out there, 3 minutes is precious.


I was on my way out as usual on Saturday morning, rushing more than I normally would (people say I always rush even when there’s nothing to rush for), because I was late for something2 class. It’s my own fault, since I woke up at 9.15 am when my class started at 10 am 😦


I walked as fast as I could. When I reached this one part that requires normal human beings to climb slowly, I decided to jump up onto the pavement.


So I jumped.


Either my legs weren’t as long as I thought or I was weighed down by the books I carried or maybe it was both but the next thing I knew, I didn’t make it up to the pavement. Instead, I found myself sprawling on the ground.


Note to everyone: Please remember that this pavement is exactly next to the busy main road, opposite a supermarket where people are buying their groceries.




But being the so muka tembok person I was, I got up, brushed the dirt of my jeans, looked at my watch (gasped because it’s already 10.15 am) and stopped an auto.


The damage: Black and blue elbows and knees, bleeding elbows and twisted ankle. 


Sakit siot.



Yesterday at 5.45 pm on my way to something2 class again, I discovered that the narrow pathway used to pass through the longkang didn’t exist anymore. In front of my eyes was


A giant longkang through and through.


Well, there was no other way. To hell was I going to take the longer route. I just had to jump over it.


Nisa bajet kaki panjang.


Just as I was positioning myself to jump, the cement under my feet started to crumble (sebijik macam dalam movie) and I managed to jump just in time.


I leaped through the air like a deer. Or so I thought.

And fell to the ground like a watermelon. Or so it seemed.


Whose bloody workmanship was that??? How could cement crumble???


This time though, there was a pile of soil to cushion my downfall. More importantly, no one was around >_<


The damage: scratches on my palms and twisted the same ankle as before. Just as it was healing nicely!!



Lompat lah lagi.