Sometimes I tend to forget. On the days that I do, it’s a freedom of emotion.


When a soldier fights, he takes refugee behind sandbags. When it rains, beings scattered to find shelter.


A shield is a must. To hide, to protect, to buy time, to heal and to rebuild strength.

To live on.


To wish it’s as comfortable as retreating into a cocoon and hibernate, sleep, wash it all away. Dream.


It is to make sure the walls don’t crumble from the battle that emits within. So the roof wouldn’t fall upon the screams of silence.


A shield is strengthened by emotions, layered on top of another. Within years, it thickens. And thickens. And thickens. Until it becomes impenetrable.


People start to walk away, forgetting that surrounded by it, lies a human.


Just a human.  Swallowed by oblivion. Choked by the passing time. Lost within.


But still a human bearing feelings.


When at last the last leaf falls, when the sun retreats, when you think it’s all ending, the beginning starts.


And the shield toughened. Hard as concrete yet easily crumpled like papers. Gaining strength just to become weak.


It’s a shield. A shield of emotions.


And so it will be.