Since my fans (it was only one person, hehe) requested to know about my Friday night, I am forced to blog about it ๐Ÿ˜‰


To answer your question, nothing special happened on Friday. It was just another of our girls’ night out.


We started the night with dinner at the Only Place, which was somewhere along MG Road.








I had…..


Boston steak. Not because I loved beef….do you see the amount of cheese they put on the steaks??



And the best part was,


Steaks usually come with bread!!! Yum yum.



After membuncitkan perut, we joined Syafiq and Ikre at Hard Rock Cafe.




Ehem ehem, allow me to tell you guys a bit about India’s HRC.


It’s just a place to hang out. That’s it.

It’s not as rowdy as KL’s. People just basically duduk situ, order drinks and food and sing along to rock songs. There wasn’t even any live band performing, only a DJ. Plus we only had drinks like Berrilicious and Crushed Velvet and stuff.


And rock songs are good for health.


Seriously, I read in Reader’s Digest once that a research institution in Japan discovered that listening to the beats of rock songs stimulate certain hormones in our body. This could not only decrease our blood pressure but could also go as far as increasing our brain power!




BWAHAHAHA. Saya tipu.


So technically and literally, we weren’t doing anything extravaganza-ly out of bounds.



At the garden.




At that small bar-like place next to the garden.


















I actually had fun that night. One tiny flaw was…they only played the good songs after 10.30 pm!! Earlier it was the Duran Duran and all the 80s rock songs!! Didn’t even recognise one frigging song. By the time Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank, Papa Roach etc songs were blasting through the stereos, that place’s closing.


=_=  kya hwa??  *sighs*


FYI in Bangalore, most of the places close at midnight. Uhuh, all the Cinderellas and Prince Charmings have to go home by then.


Nope, not kidding.


Good in a way. Bad in a lot of other ways. Just imagine, no lepak-lepak eating ice-cream at Baskin Robbins until morning. Or chilling out at Cafe Coffee Day or Barrista. Hehe. Sorry, no kedai mamak here. Means no teh tarik and roti canai!!


Reporting duty is done!


Roger and out ๐Ÿ˜‰