Nowadays, writing a post seems more obligatory than anything.




Only Dr Suresh could force anyone to write anything, anytime, anywhere.


Back to my obligatory-ish, let’s go back to the past, as to WHY I’d started this blog.


Well, you see, hmm, I’m not really sure.


I started blogging back when I was in form 2. I first used Xanga (now you know!) and up till now, it’s still privatized even though I rarely write anything in there anymore. It was so private that the only thing everyone could figure out was…she’s typing something and posting it somewhere on the net. I was always in fear that someone (my older brother la!) would hack his/her way into my blog.


Especially since the password was no mystery. You know me well enough, you’d know the password *hint hint*


As you can see very well from the archives, was started in November 2006. As to why I used dumplings and pau? Because I loved eating dumplings and pau duh. One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure that one out. And the only thing I knew how to draw was pau anyway. So I figured it must had been my calling, bwahahaha.


That means, I started blogging publicly after SPM. Maybe because I had nothing to do, or because of certain people, or maybe it’s just that I loved writing…. only I know the reason. Sorry, you’d have to kill me to know, because then, you still won’t know because obviously, dead people can’t talk.


As I was saying, like the other 500 million people in this world, I loved to write. It started with writing essays in school. I didn’t like people reading what I wrote back then because what I wrote mostly had something to do with me and my life, and I was embarrassed people could relate it to me. That and the fact that I usually didn’t know what to write during exams that I’d end up rambling about anything.


It usually resulted in the teacher overrating my works and calling them “honest”.


If you wrote truthfully, you didn’t have to crack your head to figure out how to fill 2 pages. Honest my foot.


There was some point in my life where I felt blogging was child’s play and decided to stop writing. But then when I looked through the archives, and saw how much of my life I’d managed to put into words, of course I didn’t have the heart to delete it.


I see myself changing through the way my posts are written. And that, at least to me, is something I guess.


Since dumplingsandpau wasn’t me anymore, I decided to move to WordPress. I couldn’t even delete the old blog because otherwise, I couldn’t comment on most of my friends’ blog! Haiya.


Thus, that’s how was born! And here I am, still writing but not really!


I don’t even know why I’m writing about this since it’s not like it’s the anniversary of my blog or anything. I don’t give two hoots about craps like that.


And lastly, a picture from our Friday night:



Ignore botak guy and afro guy. They worked there.


Toodles for now!