I blame the heat. And I blame all the bacteria in India.


I rarely get sick. The normality would be once a year. But this week, I’ve been sick twice. 4 days ago I had diarrhea. Last night I experienced a smashed-my-head-against-the-wall headache and countless barfing in the toilet.


But oddly now, I’m fit as a hippo.


Being sick is a coupling action. Because I get nagged by Effa on top of it. You would think that seeing me lying weakly on my bed (with my headphone, watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) would inject some pity in her. Instead,


“What’s that?? (pointing to my choc chip cookies on the desk) You’re eating crappy food for dinner again! No wonder you get sick!”

“You don’t drink enough plain water! Drink plain water!”


But I know she meant well 🙂


At home, if I were sick, I would try my best to hide it from my parents. I would end up bickering with my mum, refusing to go to the clinic.

She believes in medicine. I believe in my antibody.


At times when my mum managed to drag me to a doctor, I switched to Plan B; I refused to take the medicine prescribed. But there was this one phase when my mum would check on the medicine given to make sure I’d taken them.


At times like that, I switched to Plan C; I threw the tablets away and poured the syrup into the sink (now that my mum’s gonna read this, I’m gonna be so busted).


It’s just that, I HATE going to the clinic. I hate taking medicine. I hate tablets especially. I can’t swallow tablets. Whenever I do, they seem to get stuck in my esophagus. Panadols give me the creeps.




Those huge flat tablets….  *shudders*. Even when I’m desperate, I only take syrup medicine.


You know how clinics keep records on their patients?


There was this one time, I was at a clinic, waiting for the pharmacist to prescribe me my medicine. One look at my record and she asked,


“You only take syrup?”


“You can’t take tablets?”



Then she snickered. Cis. Sukati la what I wanna drug my body with.


I know syrup are for kids and that they’re not very effective. Lollipops are meant for kids as well but does that mean adults can’t eat it??


You know the answer’s no.


And one of the FAQ when people get to know I’m doing medicine?


“You hate taking medicine but you wanna be a doctor?”

“Yeah so I could give away all the medicine to my patients.”


Point stated.