Happy Ugadi people!


Remember back then I complained we didn’t have holiday on the 1st of January? Well, Ugadi is the Teleggu’s (teleggu ke?) New Year’s Day.


Oh, for God’s sake. Honestly, I couldn’t care less what’s the reason behind it. They could celebrate Ugadi everyday for all I care.

When it comes to holiday, no reasons are needed!




I baked my very first own chocolate cake!

Of course, this isn’t the first time I baked…but it is without doubt among the first successful ones.


Anyone still remember my legendary choc muffins? (Terence, I know you still do)


Why are they legendary you ask?

  1. They’re made by me duh~ anything Nisa-ish is bound to be legendary 😉
  2. Where else can you find dented and out-of-shape choc muffins?


But they tasted nice okay! Super-sedap! Just because Jo (as in singular because the others refused to touch them, erks) had to eat it using a spoon, she said so!! And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t trying to spare my pride either.


Anyway, back to my chocolate cake.









And to those who are planning to accuse me that my cake burned/Nisa-simply-got-fed-up-and-chucked-it-halfway-through, nah!!