Not that I’ve been M.I.A or anything. My laptop have been though. For almost 2 freaking WEEKS. I just got it on Friday night! When my friend told me my laptop’s been fixed, my reply was:


“Ok. I’ll be there soon.”


Demi laptop tercinta! So I asked my housemate to accompany me and took an auto there and walah,  here I am!


Never before have I loved my laptop with all my heart. Never before did I appreciate it as I do now. Never before-

Ok, enough drama. What was I planning to write again?


Wonder la punya pasal, my arms and shoulder are aching!


Wonder la is a theme park located an hour plus away from our place of residence. It was a nice change compared to the shopping malls and streets we usually went to. Only on those occasions, my feet would hurt- not my upper limbs.

Now I feel like an old woman.


I don’t have many pictures though. Oh, I brought my digicam alright, but I kept it in the locker most of the time. I only whipped it out half an hour before the place closed. So until I get the pictures from my friends….it’s kindda pointless to write about it. That and I’d accidentally deleted the very few pictures I took in the middle of installing and reinstalling programs in my laptop!!! Waaaaaa!


Which is why I’ve decided to mengumpat about the TT driver! *eyes burning with flames*

He seriously annoyed the crap outta me!


I guess everyone’s familiar with teenagers’ obsession with their handphones right? Teenagers I said. Other stages of human beings are not permitted to. Except for corporate people. And parents who are so attached with their children. Or- well, my point is,


DON’T TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING ON INDIA’S ROAD. Everyone knows the drivers roads here are crazy.

DON’T RECHARGE (top up) YOUR PHONE 10 TIMES A DAY WHILE YOU’RE ON DUTY. Recharge sekali banyak-banyak sudah!



Because those are what he did. Seriously. Not even 30 minutes on the road and already he had to stop by the side of the road to go to a recharge shop. Leaving us in the TT. With no air-condition. And limited windows. While the sun’s baking outside. And us boiling from the heat and impatience.


Or was it only me boiling out of impatience?


Anyways, he recharged his phone, talked on it outside the shop for a while and struck a conversion with a stranger forever. As if he’s not paid to bring 11 medical-but-not-so-nerdy students to a theme park!


He did that on the way home as well. Leaving us in the TT. With the cars honking all around during the heavy traffic. And our stomachs grumbling since we haven’t eaten much since breakfast. And the high affinity for us to collapse on our beds as soon as we reached home.


Not to mention he hung up on us when we called, asking him to pick us up at the place he dropped us earlier. Not once, but twice! Wtf la. All TTs looked the same, how should we know which one was his?


He had issues that man, I tell you.


Oh alright, it wasn’t that bad. Only I made it sounded 10 times much worse because I’m such a complainer.


P.S: TT is this van-like bus (use your imagination!). Don’t ask me why they call it TT here. You know, like Tata. TATA. My brother laughed his ass off when he got to know it’s a brand of the cars here. And also the internet. And a bunch of other things as well. But don’t you think it’s cute to say, “I’ve a Tata!”? That’s the only cute part though. The rest suck.