Most people couldn’t wait for exams to end because

  1. Exams are unbearable enough
  2. Holidays, YAY!!!

But for us, the end of exams is merely an excuse not to study over the weekend because heck, we don’t have any holiday. 2 days of doing whatever we want and then it’s back to the usual routine on Monday.

Practical exams were fairly easier than theory papers, obviously. But then, of all the departments, not applauding for the Anatomy department  and its lecturers is practically a sin.


Because if there’s an award for creativity, then Anatomy department would certainly wins hands down. 

Anatomy practical started with identifying the 10 histology slides at the histo lab. Then we went to the dissection hall for 10 spotters questions. After that, it’s back to the histo lab to draw 2 histo slides, identify the genetic chart and had viva with the lecturer.  Went back to dissection hall for case studies, discussion and surface marking.

Not only did the lecturers managed to figure out ways to bombard us with every possible questions, they also made us ulang-alik to and fro from histo lab to dissection hall. Now, who says people in the medical field lack creativity?

Upon finishing the exams, I discovered that my life here is indeed, boring as hell. Oh yes, I could now do the things I usually couldn’t. Like sleeping in, watch movies, go online 24/7, shop……but here, I couldn’t use the word “etc”. Because that’s all there is.