You know when it rains, you’d usually get this damp feeling?

Ok, I’m being bias here. Probably because I never liked rain. I don’t like getting wet and being stuck inside.

But sometimes, when it matches my mood, rain gives me this lazy comfortable feeling. Something I haven’t experienced for months already. God knows when it last rained here.

So when I craved for that feeling, I listen to Was It A Dream by 30 Seconds To Mars, lol. It has this thunder and raining sounds as part of the soundtrack. Hehe.

That’s not my point though. Maaf, mukadimmah agak panjang this time 😀

My point is, I’m having this lazy comfortable feeling NOW. Not because it’s raining…but because theory papers are over!!! I still have practicals next week though.


Anatomy paper was crap basically. Yea yea, I know it’s straight forward and everything. But still crap. Of all questions, they had to ask about TONGUE for the long essay. Tongue! What’s so interesting about tongue anyway??? It’s pink and it flaps! If I wrote that would I get 2 marks? Haha.

What happened to anterior and posterior triangles? Parotid and submandibular glands? Cervical fascia? Carotid fossa? Sinus??


Physiology was modestly fine. And biochem too. Glad I could actually say that, he he. All in all, this time’s exam was less painful compared to the first one. Maybe the topics were harder and a lot more, but at least I knew what’s going on.

No more denials, no more self-conflict. Just….medic. Have to live with it.

On a side note, this week’s the 5th week (if I’m not mistaken) since I’d last went out! I’m so proud of myself!! And I know you guys are too!!! Lol.

And thus, I’ve a lot of money left for this month (so that’s how people save money!) Duit MARA masuk bulan depan, yay!

*Nisa flexing her fingers itching to spend*