I’ve been tea-phobic as long as I could remember.


It started when I was in primary school. My younger siblings liked drinking cold tea so my maid would put a jug of it in the refrigerator.

One day, I happened to take a sip of this cold tea and, ptuik ptuik ptuik, it tasted horrible. So horrible that even when I tried to get rid of it by eating and drinking other stuff, the taste wouldn’t go away. 


Ever since that day, I was traumatised.


Here in India though, my housemates like making tea during dinner. I couldn’t decline it every night and say, “Sorry, but I don’t drink tea,” could I? That would be impolite since they took the trouble making it.


So I started drinking tea and hey, it’s not that horrible after all. I began to actually like it.



Is there Lipton in India?


Last night, I made my first cup. After drinking it, I felt calm. I even felt happy. Ah, all the effects of tea I’d downrightly ignored all these years!

Being underslept these last couple of days, I decided to take an early night so I wouldn’t feel sleepy during lectures the next day. By 12.44 pm, I was already in bed.


I tossed and I turned. I couldn’t sleep. Tea effect?


Deciding what a complete waste of time it was, I abandoned trying to sleep and opened my books instead, thinking if everything failed, then studying would definitely send me right to sleepville.


I ended up dozing off at 5 am.


When my alarm rang at 6.40 am, I couldn’t wake up. Plus, I figured there’s no point going to the lectures if I was just gonna end up sleeping in the auditorium. Might as well sleep at home comfortably and save the energy to study later.

Before my housemates left, I told them,


“I’ll go to class sometime later.”


Having missed the lectures, I had no intention of missing practical and dissection as well.


At 10 am, I woke up, took my bath, ironed my t-shirt, arranged the books for today’s schedule and had breakfast.


I put on my sneakers and was all set to go to class. I clicked the lock opened and pulled the door’s knob.




The door didn’t budge.

Oh, no wonder. I forgot to open the other lock. Click click.

I pulled.


The door still didn’t budge.

To my dismay, I realised my housemates must had bolted the door from the outside (there’s another bolt-liked locked on the outside) before they left.


Not good. Not good at all.


I tried banging on the door, hoping someone passing by would be thoughtful enough to help me.

Didn’t work.


I started racking my brain. What could I do? Could I call the DK (our apartment’s guard?) ? Does he have a cellphone?

I just needed someone to slide the bolt open for me. One simple act. The idea that I couldn’t go to class because I was locked inside the house was completely absurd!


Could I climb out the windows?



Living room’s windows. Barred.



Bedroom’s windows. Barred.


All the windows in my house are barred.


What is wrong with these people??


Then it strucked me; the balcony!




Even the balcony is barred!!




After 15 minutes of thinking and coming up with no solution, I gave up.


I’m locked in the house and I missed one whole day of classes.