Only a week and I’ve already broken my vow.


What vow?


Well, upon going out shopping with Effa last weekend, we made a pinky promise to each other that;


She could go out but NOT SHOP.

I COULD SHOP but not go out.


I went out this afternoon.


But if it’s for educational purposes, surely it didn’t count?

Duh, whatever.


I own a stethoscope now! *in a high excited pitch*




My moss green stethoscope



It also comes with a warranty and a manual!


Nanet: Eh, ade manual. Baca baca.

Nisa: Nak gune stethoscope pun nak kena baca manual ke? Tak yah ar.




Nisa: Apesal aku tak dengar ape-ape langsung ni?

Nanet: Ko pakai terbalik la. Tengok manual ni, die pakai macam ni.




Tak payah tengok manual konon!



In India, it comes in 5 colours only ; black, grey, burgundy, navy blue and moss green.

And all this while I thought it only came in black 😐


So why moss green?

Because it’s green and I like green. And there’s no apple green so the next best is moss green la.

Was quite disappointed. Why no bright coloured ones??

Nevermind, balik Malaysia I’ll get it studded with crystals. Or at the very least, sprayed it in apple green!


Um, I should be contemplating about its function right?

Well, the only thing I know is how to listen to the sound of the heart beats. And its rhythm. And….err, that’s it. So, function aside!


Besides, colour is a crucial thing. If I were to spend INR 3640 (around RM 300+) on it and am gonna use it for another 5 years, it’s normal to be picky right?



And it’s the only accessory a doctor could have!

You wear nice nice also, your outfit will be covered with a long white coat.

You wear heels, you’ll end up cursing your feet.

But a stethoscope?

You carry it everywhere!



Btw, can’t seem to get this equation outta my head:


INR 3640 = a Guess bag = a bicycle with gear



I got a stethoscope which I’ll only be using once a week until I’m done with my first year.


Hah, I sound so bimbo-ish!




P.S: Heyyy, I accidently found out they have wider varieties of colour in Jakarta! Yes, JAKARTA. Like orange and pink! WTF. And it’s wayyyy cheaper!!! Only RM 160!! I’m gonna kill……………who am I gonna kill? Oh yes, the distributor!


P.P.S: To other medical students, this post is meant for my non-medical-students readers and people back in Malaysia. So if you’re like, “ala, pasal tu pun nak tulis”, shuh shuh, go read someone else’s blog!