Our Hari Sukaneka was held during the weekend, initiated by the myth which stated that medicial students don’t exercise/play. They stay cooped up in their rooms fixed in front of their laptops reading books.


Ok la, am being sarcastic. It’s basically done out of spontaneity just for fun. It’s last minute, disorganized with no particular AJKs done specifically for our batch.


Note to everyone: not saying its a bad thing here ok.


What does Hari Sukaneka tell you?

Membawa bola ping pong dengan sudu, melompat dalam guni, mengisi baldi dengan air, meniup belon sampai pecah etc.


Since I’m really good at balancing, I chose membawa bola ping ping dengan sudu. I’ve never really gotten over my phobia of blowing balloons.


Just kidding πŸ˜‰


We have none of those. Instead, we have tennis, badminton, futsal, netball, basketball, chess. We also have Sudoku and Dota.

There were 4 houses: Merah, Kuning, Biru, Hijau Hitam.


It’s back to sekolah rendah people. Except that we didn’t have rumah Hitam back then. How modernisation has changed us!


Anyways, guess which competition I joined?

Come on, guess guess.




Well, what choice did I have? There’re no tracks and I don’t do sports.

But honestly? I only joined because of the irony of it.


Some might ask, got such thing as irony in a cooking competition meh?


Duh. Of course there is.

The irony of how people tend to judge you. It’s kindda fun listening to all the comments people gave me.


Response 1:

You? Cook?


Response 2:



Response 3:

You masak ape Nisa? Lauk bujang; nasi, telur, ayam goreng? Hahahaha.


Response 4:



And the comments kept coming. Puh-lease.


So early in the morning today, I went to Nandesh where the competition was held. Our team was assigned to cook chicken. Anything that has to do with chicken actually. See, my lauk bujang was practical. NOT.



Decoration je lebih kot, lol.




Mimi, Helwa, Fiqa, and me (ignore En. Farid)


Fiqa did the appetizer: potato-stuffed-with-chicken balls

Helwa did the main course: Nasi lemak, ayam that was supposed to be ayam kicap pedas but somehow turned out as ayam kari (?), sambal ikan bilis, kacang  goreng.

Mimi boiled the eggs and was in charge of the decoration. Now you know why the deco was extravagant. Just kidding Mimi! It was fab πŸ™‚


I did the desert. See la what I made. See see *riak mode* I zoom ok.



Tadaaaaaa, crepe! (the tomato has no significant whatsoever)


Thanks to Effa who gave the suggestion and googled the recipe for me the night before the competition. Love you lots fa!!

Yalah, if you left it all to me, I’d probably just serve 3 scoops of ice-cream in a bowl.



The judge who came all the way from Malaysia at the right time.


En. Farid is our….well, he manages the students’ affairs and he comes to India once a month. Though there’s a lot I can say about him, NO COMMENT.


I don’t think we’ll win but who cares.


At least I know how to make crepes now πŸ˜€


Comments are open for praisings of course.