Today, I broke my fast 🙂


Or in my term, “Puasa Shopping”.


Since USD TC (traveller’s check) exchange rate is currently low, I decided to puasa shopping la. Not that I didn’t buy anything at all; I just restrained myself from buying unneccessary stuff – much.


NO, I cannot boycotte US Dollar. Pokai la like that.


Following my plan (please refer to my previous post) , I went to CS with Kak Sha and Mimi today. Well, I ended up buying kindda a lot of stuff. But that’s not what I want to talk about *change topic change topic*


We were waiting for my tailored dress (it only took one hour!) when we heard a deafening sound. Out of curiosity, we tried to find the source of commotion.


Turned out, there was a parade. A REAL parade. Not the cincai-cincai ones.










From one of the many local people who was watching it, I got to know the occasion. It was…well, I’m pretty sure it was T______  S______. Please excuse me, I couldn’t remember the name 😀


I asked for further explanation but since he’s not that fluent in English, he just said,


“Sufi. Sufi.”


I nodded and composed my face to look thoughtful.


Tak faham pun.


We resumed waiting for my dress. Lambat ah.

“We’re just finishing the sewing”.

Finishing-the-sewing-which-took-almost-half-an-hour my foot.


Anyways, since I was still curious about the parade, I asked one of the tailors.


ME: What’s the parade about?

HIM: They’re mad.


His answer caught me off guard. I was expecting an elaboration on Sufi. Not “They’re mad.”


ME: Why?

HIM: They do all this hanky-panky things. But they don’t do amal (deeds to Allah s.w.t).


We were shocked to hear his response. Probably because he, like us agreed that- in his word- those people were mad and probably because what he said actually made sense.

And tailors don’t use the word hanky-panky. They just don’t.


Googling on what Sufi is, I found this:


Panjang sangat, I don’t understand!


So I searched for a more appropriate website and I got this one:


Pendek dan padat, I like. So if you wanna know more + lazy, click on this site.


Basically, Sufi is ajaran sesat. So yeah, it’s no mystery why the tailor said what he’d said. And according to my friend, majority of the Muslims here are Sufis.



And oh yeah, Mimi and I took the chance of getting diarrhoea by sampling one of the street food:




I dunno what it was. Janji halal,period. It tasted nice though!


What attracted me to it was…..

You noticed the bowl? It’s made out of leaf! So cute! And you can throw it anywhere since leaves are biodegradable!


Now, toiletttttttt!!!




One has to live in order to die 😉


P.S:  Mum, before you start, ehem, I still have money to survive on. And I’m completely healthy. No sign of diarrhoea! Please don’t take my blog seriously =)