Now I’m convinced that Kenny Sia is ________ . Well, go and read his latest post and then fill in the blank. To those who don’t know him (~), you guys can click his link on the right bar. He’s supposedly a very famous blogger. Supposedly.

I tried to understand his point of view on the whole thing but all I could see was how shallow a person could be. No matter how funny it could be, it’s not.

I used to think boycotting couldn’t contribute much to those in Gaza either. Come on la, I’m only one person. One Nisa and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians? That won’t do much effect.




Honestly, one more person drinking Coke wouldn’t add to the damage.


Then I realised that………………………………one Nisa boycotting still wouldn’t do much but that’s not what’s important.


What’s more important is the fact that I took my stand. That even though I couldn’t grab a gun and fight for the Palestinians, I didn’t just stand and watch. I did something. Even if it didn’t mean much. But hey, unlike you, I took some action. That makes us different now right?


Fine, we don’t have to talk about death or how many people are being killed as I’m typing this now if it’s making you feel depressed. We won’t talk about faith and religion either. We’ll take things simple.


What’s one of the rules of life?

When someone pissed you off, you ignore them. You give them the silent treatment. You blanked that person from your life. You usually do that right? I do.

What’s stopping you from doing the same thing to Israel and their products?


Another important rule of life?

Treat people how you would wanna be treated. When I said people, I didn’t mean only those you know. And I didn’t mean only conciously or directly either.

By boycotting, we show empathy. Humanity. Brotherhood and sisterhood.

By NOT boycotting and saying, “Oh, I do care for them but seriously there’s nothing much I could do. At least I sympathised them. That should be good enough.”, face it:  YOU ACTUALLY DON’T CARE


And lastly?

There’s always a bigger picture. Whatever you do, however you do it, it affects someone else. By spitting a chewing gum on the road, you don’t only pollute the environment; you might ruined someone else’s $120 Doc Martens boots which he/she had waited for 7 weeks to arrive by post. The good riddance of that chewing gum left someone else feeling devastated.


What’s the worth of those compared to Coke? Or Loreal? Or Starbucks?

We won’t die if we don’t eat McD right?

No, no matter how much of a McD freak you claimed yourself to be, you won’t die. Go fry your own burger.


To boycott everything is of course, HARD. To boycott some things though, is POSSIBLE.


And I’m not saying all this because I’m a Muslim either. I’m saying it as a human being with feelings.


If you sided with Israel, if you said the Palestinians deserved what they’re going through now, then you’re not human. Get outta my face.

Nobody deserved to be treated that way.