We have our turns for housechores.

One of them is cooking.




Nisa: Hari ni turn kita masak ke?

Housemate: Aah. Aku masak sayur campur. B masak ikan. Ko masak ape?

Nisa: Umm..

*thinking mode*

         Aku masak……telur!



Basically, that’s the only thing I know how to cook.

Scrambled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, fried egg.

Still haven’t passed in making omelette and boiled eggs though.

Oh, I’ve also learned how to cook rice recently.



Anyways, today was almost the same.


Housemate: Aku masak sayur tom yam. B masak sambal ikan. Ko masak ape?

Nisa: Telur!




Housemate: Asyik masak telur je, muak aku. Ko goreng ayam r.


My mouth formed a perfect O and my face registered a total look of horror. She cannot be serious in asking me to fry chicken.

My housemate ignored my expression. So I changed tactic.


My puppy eyes look. Blink blink. Muka kesian mode.


Still she didn’t layan. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…kekejaman!


Nisa: Goreng ayam susah!

Housemate: Senang je! Ko kena blaja.


And so I touched the raw chicken (after a moment of hesitation), covered the pieces of chicken with turmeric and salt and




I tell you, eating fried food is NOT HEALTHY. Let us just stick to bread and buns.