Mimi told me (she got it out of The Secret), if I believed in the things I wished to have, I would.




If I really wanted a cup of coffee for breakfast tomorrow, and I had faith that I would, then I would.


All one needs to do is to believe and to really want for it to come true.

The rule is to start with something simple.



Wishing for an Ambassador isn’t it 😛


Start with something really simple. And try not to be too materialistic (reminder to self). There’s no genie involved here; only the power of mind.




I wish for brighter tomorrows.

I wish for the strength to face life.

I wish for more smiles and joy.

I wish for confidence in myself.


I wish to be serene.



Seems like something straight from a fairytale story?

It shows that when all hopes are gone, there’s still hope.

Just believe 🙂



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