I know I should have updated earlier. And I know I should have uploaded the Kerala pictures by now.

But my house’s internet connection wasn’t working (yes, again. stupid Tata).


Though going to Kerala was a blast, I have to accept the fact that the holidays have ended. And the next one is..well, let’s just say it’s nowhere near in the future. Or the next few months even.


So yes, sorry peeps. I’ll tell you guys more about Kerala later k? Even though the story will be basi in the next few..er, weeks, please bear with me. I have other priorities right now.


For example, classes have started. And First IA results are out.


All I can say is… have you ever felt as if someone had stabbed your heart with a fork, twisted it around and around and flung it across the room where it smashed against the wall, stamped on it until it’s flat like a pancake and spit on it?


That’s how I felt when I’d gotten my marks.


It was beyond bad. In fact, it was horrible. So horrible that I felt like flinging myself in front of the many many irresponsible drivers on the roads of India. So horrible that I’d re-thought my decision to be a doctor multiple times over.


But of course, I couldn’t bail out. Not now, not anywhere in the future, not ever.


I just have to bear with it and work harder. Preferably, smarter. Like my dad said, there’s no time to cry over spilt milk. Besides, spilt milk are meant to be thrown away. To the garbage where it belongs.


That doesn’t mean it didn’t do any damage though. What hurt further was when I was about to break the news to my dad. And just after he told me Zatyfaty scored straight As in PMR too (congrats btw!).


His expanded bubbly heart must have been deflated by my result.




Anyways, today is the last day of 2008 right?




To see it spelled out like that seems odd. Maybe because once upon a time, it actually meant something to me. Or maybe because now, everyday feels the same.


An ending to be reflected upon.


I couldn’t say whether this time it’s a good or a bad one because honestly, too much has happened that I feel as if I’m in an entirely different time zone. I wouldn’t know where to begin.


So yes, the ending of 2008 and the starting of 2009 has no significance to me whatsoever. No stupid resolutions, no joyous celebration.


Because you know what?



FROM 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM AS USUAL.


Apparently, India doesn’t see New Year as something worth celebrating.

A world-recognised public holiday and India has decided to ignore it  *snort*

Yes, it’s absurd. Tell me about it.


To those who are celebrating it (and getting a one-day of holiday obviously),




Just because it won’t change any of the miserable bits in my life, doesn’t mean it won’t to yours  🙂

Enjoy it because it only comes once in a life time 🙂



P.S: I miss my family and home la. Haih.