Arriving home at 5 pm signified the end of yet another day’s struggle.

And exams were creeping closer and closer.

As usual, the first thing I did was switching on my laptop.

Click click. Checked my blog. Checked my email.

An email from Dad.



My dear Nisa,




Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar Walillah Ilham…Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha dan Semoga segala pengorbanan kita diberkati Allah. Amin.


Bersyukur that you and the other Malaysian students celebrated the auspicious day though you are away from home. Your mum and I were touched with your kind thoughts to participate in the korban and may your efforts would be blessed by Allah SWT.


It has been seven weeks you are in the foreign land and I think by now you have acclimatised yourself with the new environment, cultures, lifestyles and know your acquaintances better. I have been through all this but in more severe weather, initially penniless, culture shocks and little religious knowledge to defend myself. Though you may not like me to compare but I wish to share with you my life experiences particulary the unforgettable student life in the UK.


When we are abroad, loneliness and homesick could unstable our lives especially when fellow Malaysians live apart. Some people could withstand it but others couldn’t. Those who could withstand it would accept it as full privacy whereby they could plan and focus their studies better. They are so busy with their course works that they forget about loneliness and homesick. During their leisure times, they would visit their fellow Malaysians.


For those who like to flock with birds of the same feather, life would be more interesting abroad but need high level of discipline to focus on the courseworks, otherwise procrastinations would be incalculated.  So my strong advise to you is not to be carried away with non relevant activities. Taking up a professional course like medic, chartered accountancy etc is no joke for we need to push ourselves really hard. There is indeed little time for pleasure, leisure. It means real business where we don’t mix with pleasures. I bet you have conditioned your mind to face the hardships. Nobody would coax us when we are down and it’s all within us to motivate ourselves and get going.You have to get up pretty fast, do the postmortem and move on when the results are less satisfactory. Obviously, we always turn to Allah SWT for guidance.


Lately, our family has been a ‘role model’ to our family and relatives. I don’t brag about it knowing you and abang are in the initial stage of your course. InsyAllah, with dedication, discipline, good health, focus and understanding your mission of being there…you would succeed.

Remember, somebody has to pass no matter how difficult the course is.


From far away, your mum and I could only berdoa for your safety and success.At least we know that our passion, sacrifices to bring you up and the rest of the family as you put up in your blog would be rewarded in 5-6 years time.


So finally, I know you are burning your midnight candles on your work and remember to spend your precious time revising for the coming exams. I am confident you could get through your exams comfortably if you put your body and soul in it.. Always remember Allah SWT,the most gracious and merciful. That’s the gist of korban.


With all our Love.


I am not good in expressing anything. I don’t know what to reply or the things I should say. 

But words, no matter how short they are, or how simple, have impacts. Especially when you know the words were written by someone who loves you and wishes for nothing but the best.

They become more precious.