I’m confused.


I always say friends come and go.

But by the term friends, I meant different people at different times.

Not the same people at different times.

Them who come when they need you for something. And seem to disappear after that.

I don’t feel sad or affected by it. I don’t feel used.

I couldn’t care less.

But it annoys me.

And the one thing I couldn’t stand is just that.

It annoys me because when I have other things to do, you come and insisted me to do you a favour.

And not in a pleasant manner either.

It annoys me because no matter how passive and careful I put my blank look on just for you, you seem oblivious to it.

It annoys me because you don’t notice how annoyed I am even though I’m making it perfectly obvious.

It annoys me because even after all the signs, you’re still there.


Who are you to me again?

Which main role do you take on in my life?

And why should I care for you?


In fact, let’s make it more general.


Who are you?