Today was the first time I’ve ever joined *usrah.

*usrah = a small group of people discussing religion issues. Am I right? 😛


It was held at MJ’s house (apartment atas) only for Pratham Enclave’s tenants. I kindda like it better this way. It meant lesser people and and and, no seniors were present.


Not that there’s anything wrong with the seniors. Just that it’s more relaxing to be among ourselves (super juniors) you know?


Well, the usrah was like any other usrah. The topic discussed was Niat….


“Camne kalau ade org mintak sedekah pastu kite automatic je bagi? Xde niat pun. Automatik je.”

“Haaa, tu namenye…involuntary action. Smooth muscle.”


“Niat ni sebenarnye tak perlu lafaz pun. Cukup kalau terdetik di hati. Kite ade receptor kan. Send impulse.”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ……………….


Budak medic berusrah.