Life is hard enough.

Having to wash the toilet adds to it.


For the 2 months I’ve been here, I’ve been able to avoid doing just that.

Nanet usually cleans the toilet. I sweep the room.

Now that we have to take turn, this week’s mine 😦


I tried to conceal the fact that I’d never cleaned a toilet before but…


I took the fabric whitener instead of CleanMate.


“Nisa, first timer ke?”


And when I replied yes,


“You go Nisa!”

“You can do it!”


Moral support from my housemates. So the very sweet.


Oh well, the toilet awaited me. 

So I took a deep breath and started my work.



My tools


Scrub scrub. Sweep sweep. Wash wash.

Trying hard not to wince.

Avoided looking too much.

Screamed silently for Kak Us.


When I felt my backbone’s about to break…







I want a bibik 😦



P.S: Where did my widgets go?? No time to figure it out now, so please bear with it until I’m less busy.