For those who celebrate Aidiladha today, it’s not too late to wish right?





Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha 🙂


Our house mengada-ngada did a small Aidiladha celebration as well before going to class. Hehe.



We have kuih Raya! Moist chocolate cake, baked by Nanet  🙂





Serunding- thanks to Qish. Kuah kacang, Diba. And nasi himpit yang tak menjadi, credits to me. Sorry aaa, a bit comot. 


Indian rice is weird laaaa. I already put extra water and yet it still turned out as normal rice…..


Raya songs and Takbir Raya from the laptops completed our mini Raya.

I even wore baju kurung to class! Which is rare.


“Kenapa ko pakai baju kurung?”

“Sebab hari ni Hari Raya.”

“Tu kan Malaysia. India raya esok.”


I care what. I want to celebrate it today, I want to celebrate it today la.

I’m a true Malaysian at heart 😛


The best part (the only part kot) raya-ing in India is that the portion of korban here is cheap. One portion of cow is only INR 1050 which is…..well, not even RM 100. One cow has 7 portions so a lembu cost less than RM 700! Cheap right??

I only paid for 2 portions this year but insyaAllah, am gonna increase it next year 🙂


So, raya…..

I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel anything kot. Until I listened to my dad bertakbir raya through Skype last night. Waaa…

But now I feel normal. All I have to do is not to think about raya-ing at home. How hard is that right?


I’m more concern about my SLE yang tak siap-siap, my record books yang also tak siap and the FIRST INTERNAL EXAM next week.

Other than that, I’m perfectly fine.


Gosh, I feel so hungry.