Fairies have been busy sprinkling the PMS magic dust  into everyone’s eyes lately.


“Penat la. Padahal tido pukul 9 malam tadi..”


“PMS ar.”


Sudden outburst and overbuild stress?

“Hormone imbalance. PMS.”


Outward ignorance.



Snapping at redundant stuff.



Kuat makan (me! me!)



Everything is PMS.

It suddenly plays an important role in our lives whereas before this it didn’t seem to exist.

Maybe because of India? Rubbish.

Maybe because of medicine?  …….


How easy it is to be girls right? We can blame everything on PMS and everyone would just go, “Ohhh. No wonderrrrr.”


Seems a whole lot of nonsense even to me. Wth.

Yeah, I know all about the hormones and stuff.



Everything COULD NOT be because of PMS.


Go and eat a bar of chocolate.