Mumbai was bombed 2 days ago.


Had not Dr. Mishra, our Physiology lecturer informed us, I wouldn’t know anything about it.

At first I dismissed it as something that’s not so important (we’re in Bangalore what) but when I googled about it after I’ve reached home….


I froze with terror.

Ok la, exaggerating. Muahahaha.

I was gripped at how serious the whole situation was.

So serious that it was the major news in CNN and BBC websites.


To those who are so lazy to click on those links (which I know covers the majority of you readers out there), this is what I know. If I gave the wrong facts, please forgive me and…THAT’S WHY, RAJIN-RAJIN LA CLICK ON THOSE LINKS. I don’t really know the details. That’s how katak di bawah tempurung I am.

The attack was launched on Wednesday night and continued until Thursday morning. The terrorists, who called themselves Deccan Mujahideen hijacked not one but ELEVEN places in Mumbai; among those were Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Chabad House and Cama Hospital. At least 183 victims were killed while 300 others were injured. They didn’t only bombed the places, they also fired indiscriminately and held people as hostages. The news reported that they targetted foreigners- especially UK and US citizens. The cause of the attack was because they (the terrorists) felt that Muslims were being discriminated by Hindus. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.


The scariest parts were:

1) The last thing the terrorists said was “This is not the end.”. Meaning there’ll be more attacks in the future *touchwood*!

2) Karnataka was identified as one of the 3 critical zones in India. Bangalore is its main city…which could mean…..*touchwood*



ONLY THEN I found out bombings frequently occur in India. Even Bangalore was bombed in July 2008! The Forum and Garuda Mall have also been bombed. They treated bombs like toys!

So yeah, we were warned not to go to public places and to stick to our campus and residential areas only.

But but but, I’ve promised Nanet (my roommate) for weeks that I’d accompany her shopping today. As a safe precaution, we decided to leave in the morning and be back before night. I was still scared but I just prayed we’d be safe. Even so, I felt SO PARANOID on the way to Brigade Road.

An auto is cute and all BUT THERE ARE NO DOORS. So everytime it stopped at a traffic light, I got nervous. I was afraid that the motorcycle-man next to me would suddenly pull out a gun and shoot us. Yalah, because we’re Muslims and all. Who knows if they wanted to get their revenge or something.

Alhamdulillah, nothing happened.


That’s not the story here though. Very long introduction right? He he he.

When we’re about to reach Brigade Road, our auto stopped at a traffic light. There was a baby blue Satria-sized car with half-tinted windows next to us.

I was talking to Nanet while looking randomnly at the car when something caught my eye.


What’s the man holding? Is it….?

Okay, maybe I was being paranoid again.

It must be a cellphone. That must be it.

So I looked for the second time,



I wasn’t being paranoid!! It really was a gun!!!!


It was small and black and his finger was on the trigger.

I was so scared that I froze, my eyes glued on the gun. And on the man.

And the man noticed I was looking at him and that I’ve seen the gun because he kept looking back at me.


Nervously, I said to the driver,

“I want to go down here.” while praying he wouldn’t shoot at us or anything.

“No, wait. Go down there.” Pointing at a junction of a nearby road.

NO, I WANT TO GO DOWN HERE.” I didn’t even know where the hell we were but I didn’t care.

All I knew was that I wanted to get away from there. And fast. Bloody stupid auto with no doors and windows.


I didn’t know whether Nanet noticed what I saw because she was bewildered at my sudden reaction.

“Kenape ko nak turun kat sini? Belum sampai gi.”

I told her with a forced smile, “Nanet, org kat sebelah tu ade pistol.”

That man, who noticed that I’ve noticed, put his gun into the car dashboard.

And she looked. But then she kept her cool.

“Ko jangan tunjuk ko nervous, nanti die perasan. Buat bodo je.”




Then the car moved to the front a little bit and I gave a relieved sigh.

When I was about to pay the driver, my hands were shaking.

This would NEVER happen back in Malaysia. NEVER.  *now starting to appreciate Malaysia’s harmonious environment*

I never felt so scared in my life.


Moral of the story? Next time listen to people’s advises!

But what’s important is that we arrived home safely right? Not gonna go out anymore until all this is over. I think. 



P.S: To my parents, I love you both.