One of the many things I shouldn’t have done is probably


giving the URL of this blog to my parents.


I know, what was I thinking?


I did that so they would be able to know about my life here since I couldn’t exactly call them every night. And because I was too lazy to email the pictures and everything.


That’s it. FULL STOP.


I DID NOT ask for any additional comments.

I DO NOT appreciate them making assumptions that I go shopping every week and that I don’t study. I sleep for only like 4 hours every day. What do they think I do? Shopping?

I DO NOT wish to be compared with Yazid in any way. I am so allergic with this. No matter how brilliant he is or how high the percentage he got for his professional exam, I don’t want to be like him.

I DO NOT like them criticising the way I write or the kind of languange I used. No matter how rude or impolite I may sound, that’s all ME. None of my friends think they’re the ones who taught me such things because they certainly DIDN’T. This blog is ME and I shall write whatever I want in it.


Maybe they meant well. Maybe I’ve misinterpreted their words. Besides, isn’t that what parents are supposed to do? They’re here to give us reminders and advises and words of wisdom. Maybe I should stop being so rebellious.