Starting at a new place means mingling with new people. And new people tend to make assumptions about yourself. You’re this you’re that yada yada yada. Which coincidencely, seems to match the comments I got from the old people.

The thing that I would like to CORRECT without doubt is about my EATING HABIT.

Admittedly, my eating habit is a bit weird. I could make a long list of the food I don’t eat and ok la, I am picky. But I can also be so not picky.



….is usually a cup of black coffee or Coke and a bar of chocolate which I usually consume between lectures. I’m not a morning person. I  have zero appetite during the early hours of the day. Black coffee/Coke/choc are essential to keep me awake while listening to the lecturer droning on and on since I always stay up late.

I also couldn’t eat heavy stuff like rice and noodle. Once my dad forced me to eat half a tuna sandwich for breakfast and I ended up having stomach ache the whole day. Fish and chicken are considered heavy.



By this time, I’d be famished and I’d eat a lot.



Because I eat a lot during lunch, I’d feel full during the night (my metabolism hampeh). Even if I felt hungry, I prefer to shut my stomach up by snacking. Chips, choc (again), cereal, biscuits, fruits, COKE…you get the gist. This is because by eating heavy food, I’d feel sleepy and if I felt sleepy, I couldn’t study which is a no-no. And I have this theory that I don’t need that much energy at night anyway.




Says who??? I do eat rice! I may not eat it frequently but I still do wth. Only that, rice makes me feel full. I like snacking a lot. I like eating varieties of food at once. If I ate rice, I wouldn’t be able to eat other things. And rice’s TASTELESS. Why would I wanna eat something that doesn’t taste like anything? Being an Asian, of course there’ll be the time when I feel that my hunger could only be settled by eating rice. So yeah, I DO eat rice. Please don’t say that I don’t.



I do! Seriously, I do! I’m just anti-veggies and try to reduce my veggie consumption as much as possible. Eating too much veggies is not healthy!




These, without doubt are probably my favourite food in the whole world. This also include food that are bread-ish like paratha, pau etc. Even so, I don’t like to mix bread and buns with meat or fish or curry or whatever. I like to eat them plain. I don’t mind if the filling is red beans or kaya or anything-that’s-not-meat.

Thus, I have this habit of picking over the buns instead of the fillings. As long as they’re soft, I could tolerate anything. Also, back in Miri, the only loaves of bread I would eat is Ma Baker’s. If my mum bought bread from other bakeries, I wouldn’t touch them and yes, tend to throw a tantrum until I get Ma Baker’s bread. They’re really soft ok! And they have this sweet taste when eaten plain. Kalah Gardenia.



…is my favourite drink of all times!! *excited excited* I think I got used to this habit at home because of Yazid. He’s a bad influence laa.. Also, I don’t like drinking plain water because…’s TASTELESS. I only drink plain water during school time. Coke is my energy booster. Thus, it’s suitable to be drank at any time; early in the morning, afternoon, late at night. Right right right? My housemates make a big deal of it everytime they see me opening the 2L (only INR 50!) Coke bottle. They drink juice early in the morning what. I drink Coke la. And it’s not like I drink one full glass of it at once. I only take a few sips. One bottle could last me for a whole week. Where got many!


Now that those are sorted, lemme make a list of the food I don’t eat :


1. Corns

2. All kind of soups

3. Nuts

4. Sushi

5. Cheesecake

6. Pineapple

7. Kelupis, lemang, ketupat

8. Anything masak curry

9. Anything masak kurma

10. Cotton candy

11. Instant noodles

12. Marmalade

13. A lot of types of veggie

14. Tuna



And and and, DON’T ask for my opinion on food. I dunno ok? I dunno how “delicious” should be. The best opinion I could give is:

“It tastes like chicken.” or

“It tastes like fish.”

True what. If chicken tastes like chicken, then that’s how it should be kan?





We’re settled then.