I was officially jinxed today. Ok la, not the whole day. After-lunch-whole-day.

The morning went fine.

Didn’t wake up late.

Didn’t miss the bus.

Did sleep during Anatomy lecture, darn! I was like, “Oh, Anatomy. Can sleep now.” Double darn!


For lunch, I always share with EFFA because the portion of food is large and I always ask her to order. I don’t really mind what I eat. See Effa, I’m not picky! AT ALL. Today it was garlic naan + prawn szechuan noodle. When will you learn makan naan pun dah kenyang fa? Hehehehe. We just ate a quarter of the noodle so we asked the waiter to *parcel our food.

*take away = parcel

When we’d arrived at campus,

“Sa! Your noodle!”


“NOODLE. You left it on the table.”

Since I wouldn’t eat it anyway, I didn’t really care.


After lunch break was dissection. We had to be in the dissection hall before 2.30 pm so I rushed to unpack my stuff from my bagpack. We walked merentas matahari to the dissection hall.

When I put my bag down to take my dissection kits and gloves out, I discovered that




I carried someone else’s bagpack from another building to another building without realising it! And the bag wasn’t even similar with mine! It was Puma. Mine’s Camel Active. How many people use Camel Active bagpack in my batch I ask you? Only 2! 

So I had to merentas matahari again to retrieve mine while wishing the owner hadn’t realise her/his bag was missing.

Thankfully the owner was my own housemate.

Then then then, I rushed back to the dissection hall because if you’re late, you’d be locked out. I brought my dissection kit and gloves with me. When dissection was about to start, I couldn’t find them anywhere!

Dissection kit hilang, okay la (because I was always kedekut to use mine to dissect, hehe) but no gloves, how to dissect???

After searching, I found my dissection kit. Or at least, I think it was mine. And I got an extra pair of gloves from Mimi.

And while I was in the toilet just now (if you asked what was I doing in the toilet, you’re stupid), tiba-tiba there’s no water! Had to use mineral water. Gah.

Turned out, it’s blackout.

Another gah.

Today not good 😐