For the first time ever, I felt asleep during – not one – but two lectures this morning; Physiology and Biochem.

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat. Night came and I got flu. Today, they were joined by cough. Fever is on its way.



I always boast about my antibody before because I rarely get sick. Like only once a year.

The nights are getting colder. When I first came, it was only 20 celcius. Now it’s 15 C. I like it that the days are cool but I hate the rest.

Oh, and I just found out that our monthly test is at the end of this month. Only 3 weeks away.

3 weeks!!

I’ve finally opened my bank account today at Vijaya Bank. Their working hour is super weird. Not only do they close during lunch time (banks normally DON’T do that) but when they’re finally open at 2.30 pm, they close at 3.30 pm!!!! Everyday!!!

Only one freaking hour!

Wtf?? They have to sembahyang Asar is it??

3.30 pm is not even Asar and they’re not even Muslims.

Stupid system. I missed an hour of dissection just so I  could make it in time. Not that I mind though because the first hour is usually spend removing the layers of fat of the cadaver before we could see anything. But still!!