People say miracles do occur. And yes, they do.

When I discovered no amount of grieving and sulking could ever change what had occured, I started looking for other alternatives. Or in other words, started co-operating with my dad instead of rejecting blindly the universities he’d suggested. There were two universities I could still apply to for next year’s intake; Monash University and Manipal University.

Before I could finish filling in the applications however, my dad got a phone call.



University: International Medical School – M.S. Ramaiah Medical College

Flight: 22nd October, 10.00 pm


Last time I checked, I didn’t have a placement. The next thing I know, voila! I’ll be going next Wednesday. I have to be in KL by Monday for briefing.

Again, I don’t know what happened. But no matter how I look at it, I know it has something to do with my dad’s many many letters and phone calls.

While I sulked and vent my frustration at him, he was busy sewing my future back together. As always.

This is for my mum and dad.

And for everyone’s words of encouragement, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s always comforting to know people care 🙂

I’ve learnt a great lesson.


“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

-Vince Laombard-


Indeed it has.

Pray everything goes well this time.