Life is good.

My bunnies are growing up fat-ly, both of my brothers are home, Raya is tomorrow, I got MARA…..


Yes, you read that right. I finally got MARA. The phone call came last Thursday and the many many forms came on Saturday.

Looking at the forms already gave me a headache 😐

That aside, I’ll get an allowance of USD 700 per month! Woohoo!!

Converting USD 700 to Ringgit Malaysia…that’s around RM 2000++? Of course that includes the rent and living expenses as well but those shouldn’t be expensive right?? It’s India! The cost of living is supposed to be very very low.

If it’s not, well, it should!

Anyways, since I won’t be paying for the fees myself, there’s a slight change of plan. Made, of course, by me. According to the original plan, I have to attend the orientation at MSU from 6-9 October. We’ll be going off to India the very next day. But but but, now that I’ve to arrange the whole MARA thing last minute, especially since it’s near Raya where almost everyone is on holiday, there will be some complications. I won’t be able to complete the forms in time and even if I do, MARA still have to process the whole thing.

So, assuming that I hand the forms in a couple of days late….I’ll be exempted from the orientation…

BWAHAHAHA. Good plan or not???

Stupid la that orientation. Dah la it’ll start on the 6th! It’s still Raya for God’s sake. I know most people are already working/studying by that time but I refused to celebrate Raya less than a week. And what’s the whole point of it anyway? You know, orientation is supposed to be about knowing the places and the system of the course. THAT’S ORIENTATION. Not mingling around, getting to know each other, doing dumb activities. I mean, we’ll all be in IMS for 5 and a half years. Don’t you think we have a lot of time to learn each other’s names? Yeah, that’s what I think as well!! Why couldn’t they do it in India itself? Does this mean we’ll start studying immediately after we got there? That’s so wrong. Don’t they think we’ll need at least a week to adjust to the new environment? Someone ought to tell all this to them you know. Adults so don’t know how to think! Or in this case, run a university.

Not to mention, that 4-day orientation, which according to my source is exactly the same as the one I went through when I first entered that university, costs RM 1500. I can do a lot with that amount of money I tell you.

Ho, that’s a lot of merepak-ing. But, you know, I have to vent my dissatisfaction somewhere.

So so so, I might have at least another week in Miri! I am very happy now 🙂

Talking about Raya, mums (not just my mum, but everyone else’s as well) are usually aggresive. This year however, my mum (now this refers to my mum and my mum only) seems to be a lot more aggresive that the previous years.

You know the saying? The more you study, the more you have to study.

Well, in Raya’s case, the more chores you do, the more  chores you have to do.