I must have gotten off on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

That’s the only explanation I have for doing nothing BUT bark at people ever since I woke up.

Doing nothing is right. I feel so LAZY – you know, lazy-er than any other day, but is that an excuse NOT to help around the house??

You’re damn right it is.

Just because I’m home 24/7, they think I’ve nothing to do is it??

I happen to be very very busy.

And I’ve done more than enough already. You don’t believe me?? Wait wait, I’ll make a list! With a title.


Things I’ve done for Raya preparation so far

1. Baked those cakes.

2. Made popia. YES, my house has popia this year!! Usually, what I’d do every year is melantak popia at Fara’s and Rina’s house while battling with Ctah with the jar. It’s a battle of the cakes + biscuits with Ctah again this year!

3. Painted 6 chairs. Ok la, they were 8 chairs and one table. My mum and Kak Us (my maid) did one each and Kak Us did the table as well. Turned out I’m not very good at painting huge flat surfaces. But it was MY project in the first place so the credit goes to me 😉

4. Iron + hang up new curtains in my room + bros’ room and put on the new comforters. Why I have to prepare their room as well is beyond me.

5. Started tidying my room but stopped halfway. I figured there were too much to tidy. Cannot cannot.


Before I received any sarcastic remarks, I know those are nothing okay, compared to what others have to do every single day. But usually each year, I wake up on the morning of Raya and iron my baju kurung. That’s it. So compared that with those on the list!!

It is not that I’m lazy. Ok, maybe a little. But mostly, it’s the fact that I HATE DOMESTICITY. I hate doing works which I don’t have to do in the first place. I simply cannot. I might try once or twice but after that I just give up. I can’t even bring myself to try. Why do you think I still suck at cooking/baking? It’s because I don’t want to learn. I hate it. If I have to do housework for the rest of my life, I’ll be suicidal. And I’m not even joking.

On top of that, Raya songs annoyed the hell heaven world galaxy universe out of me. Main la lagu Raya time Raya! Most of them aren’t even nice!! Of course, some are nice. Provided they’re not mendayu-dayu and all. Ish.

I’m already very very exhausted. All this work make me hungry.