Sometimes I feel happy.

Sometimes I feel sad.

Sometimes I don’t know what to write but still kepo-kepo wanna blog πŸ˜‰

I am now in a mission of retracing my books which I lend to my friends dated as far back as almost 2 years ago. Luckily for my photographic mind invented specifically to remember useless things, I still remember who borrowed which book. Or should I say books.

I don’t mind lending my books la, really. Books are meant to be shared and read. Not doing so would seem like holding the flow of nature. I don’t know how, somehow. I’m just really really sorry that I’ve to ask for them back 😦

So, ehem, in my mission, I went to Wendy’s house on Sunday to retrieve 2 of my books. For someone who gets lost everywhere, her house was suprisingly easy to find and OMG, her parents were really nice! Thank you πŸ˜€

That’s 2 books retrieved.

Yesterday, Jo dropped by to send 8 of my books. Yes, eight. I was so glad to see her!! I haven’t seen her since June last year! Or was it July? Oh, who cares. I have to admit, I was kindda scared to meet her all this while because, well, because…I’m not sure. That we’ve both changed? That we wouldn’t get along? Maybe. At least we still keep in touch by messaging rite…but well, meeting her briefly yesterday, I realised just how much I’ve missed her. Of course she’s changed. Who isn’t right? She might be thinner (she is!! All these years convincing her she’s NOT fat seems to pay off), more girlish (school rules indeed Jo) and more fluent in Bahasa Sarawak but well, she’s still Jolene after all.


How I’ve missed thy!



Zaman kanak-kanak. You can see the date there. Must take new pics Jo!!


Got sidetracked. So, 5 of my books are still with Judy. Btw, Terence, your A Walk To Remember is still with me!! And, does anyone happen to have my copies of Daughters of Arabia and Princess by Jean P. Sasson and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown?

Just asking since they’re nowhere to be found and I think someone borrowed them but I don’t remember who. Hmm… photographic-mind-invented-specifically-to-remember-useless-things indeed  *roll eyes*

I guess that’s enough about my books.

Oh, I’m also sorry to those who’ve been complaining I haven’t been online lately (yes, that’s YOU Effa, and Ija) but I’m really too lazy busy. No la, it’s just that I usually go online late at night and nowadays I’ve been sleeping early. I’m usually in bed by 12 am. Sleep early, wake up early. Nice right??


Not forgetting, a little preview of my brown grandchildren:






They are only 3 days of age. By Raya, they’ll be 10 days old and will be running around the house. Yes, they grow up fast! You can see in the pics they already have fur. Pretty active, they keep jumping around despite being so small πŸ™‚