In my opinion, Kek Lapis Sarawak is overrated.

They sell only because they’re pretty, not because they taste nice. That’s like a beauty with no brain 😉

Seriously, if I made one, I would display it under a glass box with a “strictly no tasting” sign until it’s all covered with fungus. Over my dead rotten turned petroleum body would I let anyone eat it. Humph.

But that’s just me I guess.

Usually I don’t bother helping my mum bake kek Raya because they don’t interest me. It’s not like I’m ever gonna eat them. But yesterday, the spirit of Kek Lapis Sarawak (ha ha ha) possessed me.

I volunteered to help. This is what my mum asked me to do:



                          My first attempt : UGLY


You’re freaking kidding me number one.

Not only did I have to layer it, I also had to zig zag it beforehand.

Did I look like I didn’t have anything better to do??

Oh, I didn’t.



    My umpteenth time: It got a lot better don’t you think? 😀


OMG, I’m totally gifted!!!!

Ha ha ha.


Guess what’s its name?

Love is Cinta. I personally requested my mum not to bake any cakes with ridiculous names. Under no condition will I eat kek Mawi. Or kek Rosalinda. Wth.

I hereby declare it as NISA.

Well, I made it right. Why shouldn’t I name it with my name?


The second one was peppermint and chocolate cake:




You’re freaking kidding me number two.

Layer number 1: Green

Layer number 2: Choc

Layer number 3: Cream


Everytime a layer was baked, I had to




press it with the bottom of a glass to deflate the bubbles so the layers wouldn’t fall apart.

Do I look like I care if the cake falls apart?

Uhuh. NO.

If it happened, I would go,

“That’s the beauty of this cake! You could pick which layer you wanna eat. I usually eat the choc one only,” *throws back my head and do a fake laugh*


I hereby name it NISA 2.

I don’t understand why my mum has no problem buying biscuits but insist on baking her own cakes. Why make when you can buy?

When I’m all grown up, I’m gonna change this Raya cake system all together. In fact, I won’t even serve cakes. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’m gonna serve a big fat lunch (take-away of course) until my guests are so full, they cannot eat cakes!

I’m so brilliant, sometimes I scared myself. Ha ha ha.

So people who are planning to come to my house for Raya, strictly cannot eat the cakes I made!


Siapa makan, jaga. Those cakes took me 5 hours plus!

What’s the point of doing it prettily anyway? You eat, your food goes into your stomach, they get digested. In the end they all come out as one thing right?? Bloody kek lapis inventor.

Then Effa and Lala had to drop by to drag me to do errands laugh at my misery.

Thank you thank you.


P.S: I have 6 new family members!!! It was supposed to be 7, but one died…but nevermind! 6 are still good enough. I am now officially a genuine grandmother!! Because the first-time dad, Yuko, is mine. Before this I only tumpang Zatyfaty’s (grey ones) and Hani’s (white ones). Now I have my own brown grandchildren! I am so excited!!!