I learned the word husnu dzon from Sya. It’s arabic and it means bersangka baik. Hmm..what’s bersangka baik in English? Oh well, it’s not like you guys are English rite.

Last night, I discovered that my almost-one-month-old digicam was missing. Gone. Poof.

What’s that gotta do with husnu dzon?

I’ll come to that later, be patient.

So around 1 am, I realised it wasn’t in my room. Did I panicked?  *snort*  Of course I didn’t.

I just woke the whole house up.

According to my Dad and Hani, it was last seen on the table in front of the tv. That was before we left for Gran’s house.

It wasn’t there anymore when I looked for it. Suprise suprise.

I searched high and low. I turned the cushions over, dug in the newspapers and magazines, threw the pillows and comforter on the floor. I even looked inside the fridge – knowing me, I might have accidentally put it there. I searched all over the house, along with my dad even though he needed to wake up early for work the next day.

I suggested to him that maybe we should look for it in the morning. This is what he said:

“We better look for it now.”

I didn’t need any explanation. I knew what he meant.  He didn’t need to add “Or else it’d be missing for good,” for me to understand him.

You see, if that digicam was nowhere to be found, I wouldn’t be suprised. I’ve lost a BUM, a Gucci and a Bonia watches in this house and that’s just my stuff. No wonder I don’t like wearing a watch.

I like to think that someone snuck into the house in the early hours of the day and was stupid enough to take only my watches.

Miraculously, this morning, my digicam was found under my bed and not by me either. How it got there was beyond me because I didn’t remember bringing it in.

But maybe I did, and I just forgot. I am known to be careless with my things.

Even if someone did take it, well, isn’t it better to thank that person for returning it rather than blaming he/she for taking it?

It’s not that I’m being naive. Well, maybe a little.

Now I’m husnu dzon-ing.

Don’t break it.