I dedicate this post to one of my best-est friends, Syafiqah Bt. Sulaiman. IC number: ______________ šŸ˜‰

This is going to be a long post. You have been warned.


This is sya THE fiqah


I first met Sya , er, somewhere during primary school I’m sure. We were so little back then, how should I remember. We were in different classes from Primary 1 to Primary 6. During that time, people in different cliques RARELY talked to each other. We sticked to our classmates like UHU glue. So it’s no suprise really that I didn’t know her probably until we’re in….. Primary 5?

We had a lot in common I guess. We were both in badminton club. We were both school athletes. We attended the same tuitions. We were both prefects. We were among the 6 students who got straight As. Only that, WE NEVER TALKED TO EACH OTHER. To me, and to everyone I’m sure, Syafiqah was this goody two shoes- a brilliant one on top of it. She was the top student. I still remember during our Primary 6 prize-giving ceremony; she practically circled the stage non-stop because she was the best student in almost every subject. She got on stage to receive her prize, got down and only had time to place it on her chair before going up again.


We went our separate ways, not that it mattered to me at that time. She went to a boarding school in Negeri Sembilan (SMAPL) and I went to Kolej. After “the incident” occured, rumours were going wild. We, Sk-Agamarians turned Kolejians expected her to enrol in Kolej but she didn’t. She enrolled in SMK Luak instead.

I didn’t hear anything about her for the next two years.

After PMR, came the holiday. mIRC was still popular back then. For some reason, we weren’t too keen on using MSN or Yahoo. Wth. In IRC, they have these channels for us to chat at. That was where I met Sya again. Our conversation hit off because I (dengan tak tahu malunya) asked her about “the incident”. I’ve heard too many rumours so I wanted to know the real story. We were practically strangers and it was a private matter, but she humoured me. He he he.

Since we chatted almost every night, we started swapping emails when the holiday ended. We’re now in Form 4. I got to know from my sister, who was BFF with her sister, that she got accepted to Kolej. She wanted it to be a suprise- seemed like her sister spoiled it for her šŸ˜‰

About 2 weeks after school started, she appeared. It was almost 4 years ago but I still remember the day Sya joined our class, of all classes. When Madam Chai (our class teacher) accompanied her to the class, I was utterly delighted to see her. It’s Syafiqah! It must have shown on my face because Madam Chai knew instantly she was a friend of mine. She even sat behind me! Ok la, behind me on the left…

The first few weeks consisted of introducing her to our classmates and showing her all around Kolej.

Syafiqah mentioned that she was grateful to us for helping her fit in but really, I was grateful to her. Being in Form 4 meant a new class and new classmates and trutfully said, I wasn’t fitting in that well myself. When she came, somehow everything became easier.

In only a few months, she became one of the top students in our class, if not the top.

I don’t remember much about Form 4, maybe because at that time we were still getting to know each other (I hated form 4 anyway. My grades totally sucked).

Form 5 though, was much more interesting. I got a lot more comfortable around her.

We sat next to each other. That was before she moved her desk behind us (for a reason only known to me now). I didn’t know what difference did that make since everytime we talked – which was a lot of times – she would menyampuk from behind. She would suddenly piped in which suprised us because we didn’t even know she was listening in the first place.

Form 5 was the year of SPM. Maybe because of that, we talked 4 times more than we usually would. Madam Jalina even dubbed us as the “usrah” group because we talked so much.

There are too many memories to mention. The school camps we joined. That time when we came early to Physics lab to steal the best table from the other students. Biro IT. The editorial meetings of Lidah Benar 2.0. Managing the school radio every Friday. English ULBS. Kelab Anti-Katikan. Eheh.

She seemed so comfortable in Kolej that I sometimes forgot she had only been there for 2 years.

Cha Cha.. =p

Credits to Ct for this curi-curi pic



Raya 2007


Syafiqah went to Taylor’s and I went to MSU. These two campus weren’t far though. She was in Subang while I was in Shah Alam. That’s next to each other so it wasn’t a problem for us to go back and forth to visit each other.

Kondo Ridzwan. Editing her personal statement until 3 am. The “longkang” place where we ate. Squash court (she actually bought her own squash racket after seeing some people played but gave up after once or twice, lol). Sky-high talk.


MSU 2007


We continue walking on different paths. She’s going to University of Bath, UK majoring in chemical engineering this 20th while I will, insyaAllah, pursue my degree in medicine in IMS, Bangalore, India in the early month of October.


  • She’s known as Syafiqah, Sya, pekah, caca, pikachu
  • She’s the only person I know who took the initiative to keep in touch with our ex-schoolmates consistently
  • She’s the most modest, independent and patient person I’ve ever met and I’m not even exaggerating
  • She’s the only person whom I could discuss politics and Islamic stuff with
  • She’s the best peloya buruk and mangsa buli I’ve ever known even though she doesn’t look like it *bangga Sya*
  • She has a great sense of humour. Very the lawak.
  • She’s a big supporter of DiGi, Pilot and YM
  • She’s one of the people whose advises and opinions I trust completely
  • I’ve never seen her got mad. Not even once.

and most importantly,

  • She keeps me close to my roots


Konsert Karnival Amal 2008



Lunch at Sya’s; chicken rice yum yum



Sya’s doa selamat 2008



Nostalgic Kolej 2008


Knowing that she’s leaving soon leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. I’m gonna miss her šŸ˜¦

And I quote from her,

‘zouk’ yang aku rasakan, cuma, inilah kehidupan. jikalau suatu masa di depan kelak, kita akan melupakan satu bahagian dari kehidupan yang lampau, biarlah. biarlah masa itu untuk berlalu. bak kata kawanku, itu tandanya we have moved on. bukan sengaja melupakan. cuma, dunia yang kita bakal lihat, mungkin berbeza dari dunia yang pernah kita lihat bersama di suatu ketika. sesungguhnya, sejauh mana kita meninggalkan masa lalu, masa lalu tetap bersama kita. masa lalu yang telah membentuk siapa diri kita. pengangan kita, kepercayaan kita. sebati dalam diri kita, walaupun kelak masa lalu kelihatan asing di mata kita, hanyalah kerana kita jarang menolehnya, bukan kerana kita sengaja melupa.

But of course, my favourite quote would always be,

Orang yang tiada lesen memandu bagaikan orang yang berada di atas kerusi roda. Hanya bergerak jika ditolak ke mana-mana.

Very dramatic but precise šŸ˜€

So, Syafiqah Bt Sulaiman, I wish you all the best in your upcoming journey. May you achieve your dreams šŸ™‚

Be it 4 or 5 years from now (cuti sik sama! cheeese!!), we’ll meet again šŸ˜‰