I was watching National Geographic when I realised:


 single elp


I want an elephant.

No no, scratch that. I want TWO elephants.




I want one big mama elephant and one small baby elephant.




I would love to have one papa elephant as well but 3 elephants would be too much.


Now which one should I choose?




An Asian elephant or




an African elephant??


They look the same to me and both are good posers!!! Very hard to make a decision. I think I’ll go with the Asian ones because

1. I’m Asian

2. They’re smaller. Very ideal for house compounds.

3. They have THREE toes, African elephants have FOUR. Wth, I thought they have five like us.


We can play together everyday and I get to bath them. Then at night they can sleep in the garage next to my rabbits and they could all be friends!! Then they can take me for walks instead of me taking them because they are so big! I can sit on top of the mama elephant while holding an umbrella (Miri very hot) and the baby elephant can walk next to us!

This is the coolest part: I can ask them to stamp on the people I don’t like! OR they could bang those people against buildings by throwing them using their trunks! Bwahaha.

Also, they can guard the house! They’ll be elephant-watchers! We’ll be able to sleep more soundly in our beds knowing that the elephants are guarding our house safely from any harm. 


Now what should I call them?

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm…

I’ll just call them mama elephy and baby elephy. Simple!


Well. That’s just another fantasy of mine 😉

but if one day, keeping elephants are legal, I want TWO ok. One big one small ok.