Woohoo, it’s finally the fasting month!!

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan has arrived. He he.

What’s with Permatang Pauh and ehem, the ‘kesederhanaan’ of our 51st Independence Day celebration, I say that this is the only thing worth fussing over.


I don’t remember when I first started looking forward to the fasting month other than because of Hari Raya.

Yeah well, Hari Raya you get duit raya and 30% of increased possibilities of getting diabetes and obesity, what could be more exciting right?

During the fasting month, not only do you not get to eat and drink, you also can’t be as obnoxious and tactless as always. Not for one day, 30 days sum more!!Can tahan is it??


All I can say is, if you viewed Ramadhan literally, not getting to do all the usual things could seem tiring and exhausting. But..if you see it as a month to repent and improve, then Ramadhan is an opportunity and not a liability.

Consider it as a comma in life, where you get to pause and analyse what you have and all you’ve done so far. Not unlike writing, once you’ve written the bits down, you can easily discover what’s missing. Obtaining the “missing” parts is what Ramadhan is all about 😀


Since this is my only Ramadhan at home and having nothing to do (seeing that I’m currently seorang pengganggur bertauliah), I don’t have any excuse for not making the most of it. I’ll try harder to work on my personal goals this time, that’s my promise.

Starting from, of course, waking up for Sahur everyday. I stopped doing that ages ago. Yosh, Koko Crunch! He he. Sunat sunat *reminder to self*



Jika semua harta adalah racun, maka zakatlah penawarnya. Jika seluruh umur adalah dosa, maka taubatlah ubatnya. Jika seluruh hari adalah nista, maka Jumaatlah pensuciannya dan jika seluruh bulan adalah noda, maka Ramadhanlah pemutihnya.


Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Selamat mengerjakan ibadah Puasa 😀