Yesterday, Zatyfaty and I decided to take the time and visit Madam Jalina; her ex-math teacher and my ex-add math teacher. Our ex-teacher la pendek kata.

Well. I wished I was that thoughtful but I wasn’t. Wahaha.

We went there to deliver Syafiqah’s invitation to her Doa Selamat this Saturday. There Sya, I just announced to the whole world about it. On her behalf, those who know her (tauk nama pun cukup la), you are invited!!


Anyways, we went there around 6++ pm. Not a good visiting time, I know but I just remembered. After getting lost only once (I’ve only been there ONCE and that’s 2 years ago), we found her house.

Of course, you couldn’t expect to just hand the invitation and leave.

Madam Jalina happened to be at home and she invited us in for a brief chit-chat.

“Nurisa! Masuk masuk,”

That brief chit-chat turned out to be almost an hour. To those who know her (her ex-students), you know how she is. Once she starts talking, there’s no stopping her.

Out of politeness and curiousity, I asked her about her health because I’ve heard various rumours about it.

Turned out, she has Miller-Fischer Syndrome (MFS).


It sounded interesting so I looked it up:

MFS is a disease in which the bodies central nervous system is attacked by the bodies own auto-immune system, which suddenly decides that the myelin sheath that acts both as a nerve insulator and fast impulse carrier is a foreign body and attacks it, causing inflammation and destruction. MFS starts in the head, affecting eye muscles, balance and slowly descends to the neck arms etc. MFS does not generally have the life threatening aspects of GBS but can be very difficult to live through with double vision, nausea, weakness, difficulty walking, light sensitivity and pain which can go on for months.

For more info, you can visit


Just because it’s a syndrome, doesn’t mean she’s now an OKU (orang kurang upaya). She looked perfectly healthy to me so I asked:

“What’s the cure?”

Well, according to her, the only known cure for this disease is to REST. That, of course, includes, no reading, no lifting heavy stuff, no moving around etc. In short, it means the patients DON’T GET TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL. All she has to do is lie down and DO NOTHING for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months.


Crazy! I felt restless on my first day of holiday. If 3 months I die already!


What interests me further was that MFS affected only 3% out of the world’s population. She happens to be one of the “lucky” ones.


Nerves are so amazing!!


The nerves behind the eyes shifted just a few degrees- they only moved a little – and already, our vision will be doubled.

Think about it.

The power of God Almighty.