When I was done with Foundation, the hardest thing to do was to leave MSU. Not because I loved my college (are you kidding me?), but because I found it hard to leave my housemates and most importantly, my brother.




He entered MSU in June 2008, doing FMS, the same course as I did. If I had the authority, I’d have send him to Riam Tech, near to home. But then, he would never learn living on his own would he? So when he went there, my parents were worried as to whether he could cope. Not in his studies, but whether he could be independent. Thus, they visited us monthly. Naturally, as his sister, it was my responsibility to look out for him. I didn’t fuss because like my parents, I too was worried. I felt that he was growing up too fast.


I made sure we had dinner together at least once a week so we could catch up on each other’s live. He would nag at me for not finishing my food and drink and helped me with them. Thank you! You’re my "vacuum cleaner" forever!


Sometimes I helped him with his laundry (I hateee this), groceries and bought lunch or dinner for him. I checked on whether he’d eaten everyday. I bought stuff for him whenever I went out. Stuff that sisters do la. Of course, there were times when I got impatient at him. Sisters also do that. They get impatient. Hehe.


Coz among my siblings, I was always overprotective of him the most. If you guys think I was spoilt before entering NS, you should have met my brother  =| He’s the most dasyat one.


Anyways, since today’s his birthday (I’m exactly a year older than him =) ) and I couldn’t be there, I’ve arranged a little something for him beforehand.


Who's this..016 

A suprise for the birthday boy =) They said he cried. Dunno true or not.


To my ex-housemates, thank you for helping. I appreciate it a lot!

To my brother, Happy 18th Birthday! Now you can withdraw RM 201.00 from the ATM! Study hard and be a doctor aite? I’ll be waiting =D