I like KokoCrunch.

I hate veggies.

I’m scared of jaws.

I am made up of all these characters and more, and that’s myself alone.

It’s a colourful world.

A mixture of people with a variety of attitude.

A majority of them, I feel blessed to have as friends. A minority of them, disgust me.

Sometimes, I feel like knocking them on the head and kicking them down the hill just so they could get some sense into themselves. Sometimes, I feel like screaming at them for purposely taking the wrong turns over and over again.

That is me. And I’m not ashamed of myself for judging people.

Because those I judged, I cannot accept them as a person.

Those who find excuses and twist their faith for their needs.

Those who say but do not do.

Those who leave everything in the hands of God.

I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again.

These people are not welcome in my life.

Feel free to leave.