About a week ago, I received a PosLaju letter.




It was from MSU!

Could it be my result??

Could it be my offer letter??

After battling excitedly with the tight wrapping of the envelope (siot PosLaju)…




An invitation to the graduation ceremony.


FYI, due to, ehem, some "unforeseen circumstances", the venue was changed from PWTC to Theater Hall. That’s from an 8 to a 2 on the scale of 10! Unforeseen circumstances my ass.


Today, I received another PosLaju. Just that this time, it’s a parcel.




Instantly, I knew it was from my MSU friends. I’m telepathic ; ) hehe.

  1. It was send from the PosLaju branch at Sunway Pyramid. Who else do I know are avid goers to SP? (Coz it’s the nearest mall to our campus)
  2. Who else are avid users of PosLaju? We like things done quickly and fast even if it means paying more =)




Since I couldn’t come to the graduation ceremony, they decided to bring the graduation ceremony to me. Or as they said it, the graduation teddy. Thank you!

A while later, I heard the sound of now-too-familiar honking.

"Pet pet!" (sounded funny rite, but trust me, that’s exactly how it sounded)

Another PosLaju motorcycle. Another envelope.




Obviously, it’s a card.





It was the perfect card ever. Because in our gang,

Seena  =  Monkey (she could never stay still and always like to move around)

Mimi   =  Panda (I’m sorry for always asscociating you with round animals but pandas are cute!!)

Vi  =  Flamingo (why she wanted to be a flamingo, I also dunno)

Seha  =  Tortoise (she’s always late)

Thanks a million guys!! I’m really touched. Thank you thank you thank you =)


I miss you guys lots and yes, HAPPY GRADUATION!