The whole world says it’s the 19th of August.

I say it’s my birthday  =)

It was the date I was born and today, I turn 19 years old.

Shit, I feel old.

I say that every year and will continue saying it until the day I die.

So anyways, present present. Dilemma dilemma.

What should I ask for this year?

When I was small, my parents used to bring me to Toy’s World, handed me a basket and asked me to fill it with anything. It was a kid’s dream come true! I remember rushing here and there picking what I wanted. That time was fun.

So I told my parents, instead of the usual money, this year I wanted a present. But I’m 19, not 9. I don’t desire soft toys anymore. Nor am I eyeing that pink tea set complete with a trolley.

So this afternoon…


"Nisa, get ready,"

"What for?"

"We’re gonna go buy your present,"

"Ha? Dun want. I still dunno what I want."

"Then when are u gonna buy it?"

"Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. When I’ve figured out what I want."


To be frank, I’ve been eyeing the iPhone. But then, buying a new phone is so cliche. Not to mention it’s teenager-ish. And I know I’ll just change my phone again when there’s a new model out next year anyways. So I went with this one.




Behold, my new darling =)




Sony Cyber-shot T Series – DSC-T2/G in apple green (the fact that I didn’t choose the pink one proved that I don’t really like pink ok?)

  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • Photo Album & Scrapbook
  • Smile Shutter
  • Face Detection Technology
  • 8.1 Mega Pixels with Super HAD CCD
  • 2.7" Touch Screen LCD
  • Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar Lens with 3x Optical Zoom
  • BIONZ Image Processing Engine
  • Super SteadyShot
  • HD Slide Show with Select Music Playback
  • 1 cm Macro Mode
  • High Definition Output (for still image)


Thank you Mum and Dad!

Already this year’s birthday seems a lot more special =)

Oh yes, I’m a materialistic girl.

Now you know aite?