It’s me.

This time, starting my post with a sigh.


Graduation is next Monday, 18th August 2008. That’s what my mentor informed me a couple of hours ago. Great.

To West Malaysians, a week is a long time, yes. It only takes 5 hours from Johor-KL or 3 hours from Pahang-KL by bus.

To us Sabahans and SARAWAKIANS, it only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes from Miri-KL by plane. Lagi la sekejap rite?

“Awak dari mane?”

“Miri, Sarawak.”

“Uiii, jauh nye,”

“Mane ade, dari Miri ke Kl amek mase 2 jam lbh je. Lagi dekat dari Johor.”

But there’s the ticket-booking. And the fact that both of my parents won’t be able to take time off work.

My first graduation, and I won’t be able to attend.


Like I care about that x)

An event where it requires me to wear baju kurung and mind my manners with the possibility of me tripping on stage does not appeal to me whatsoever. Yes, even if it’s graduation.

I just want to meet my friends. Didn’t think I would miss them (Sorry, I’m a bit cold-blooded). And my PLKN friends as well…..

Wah, getting a bit emotional + sentimental tonight.

Time for me to stop don’t you think? =)