5 hours. 5.5 hours. 4.3 hours. That’s the amount of sleep I’d gotten on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. 4 days of not touching Genetics: BLISS.


  1. Entrance exam
  2. Interview
  3. Mimi’s sister’s wedding
  4. MSU super duper dumb explorace

I’ve talked about the entrance exam and I’ve grumbled about the interview and I still haven’t gotten the super duper dumb explorace’s pictures from Syafiq yet. That leaves me with Mimi’s sister’s wedding (which I always mispronounced as Mimi’s wedding – it’s a sign Mimi!).

That night was a blast. The best wedding I’ve ever attended and yes, you guys should know by now that I’m not a big fan of weddings.

The starting of the night was pretty easy to describe: We were freaking LATE. We arrived around 8.30 pm which was the time the wedding started. So it’s no suprise really that WE CAME AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BRIDE AND GROOM.

Syafiq and his friends were late as well because they waited for us, BWAHAHAHA.

It was completely embarassing walking into the hall and being showed to our table (which was practically at the other end) while everyone was staring. Totally TOP 10 EMBARASSING MOMENTS material.

Mimi’s speech brought us to tears. Not literally crying but having tears prickling in our eyes. It was the first time we ever saw her cried and in front of everyone else too.

That’s the only sad part I guess. Oh yes, Seena and I made a bet. We bet 100 bucks (not RM) that I would get married first. HAH. As if that would happen. I asked her to include the money in her wedding invitation card 7 years from now.

Anyways, what’s a wedding without pictures right? Our pictures I mean =P









A couple of pictures are still with Mimi, including the one with the bride and groom, so yeah, couldn’t post them here yet.

We left around 1 am, got lost finding our way back to campus and went to bed before having to wake up at 6 am the following day for MSU super duper dumb explorace.


P.S: My parents are coming again this weekend. YAY!